LOTM: I Gather What's Not Mine


Nature is full of treasures. Treasures that we can't take home, and even if we did, they wouldn't hold the same value. As a kid I used to obsessively keep a rock collection. If something was remotely close to maybe resembling something then it was stored away and saved at home. Quickly I realized the power these objects hold in nature does not seem to resonate the same way when they're stuffed in a box.
In an attempt to reconcile this longing to keep nature with the inability to do so, I turned to photography. I'm still very much an amateur, but the photos that I take, I keep. These pictures hold memories, they hold places in a set time, forever preserving the beauty that existed and continues to exist. 
It is my way of gathering what is not mine.

Check out what the other ladies gather:


Lena said...

Your pictures make me so happy.


Melinda Jo said...

LOL! I loved your little rock collection! But your pictures are beautiful. :-)