7 Years


A whole 7 years since my world stopped.
7 years since I learned that at times you need to think about breathing.
7 years since his hand left mine.

I may not have my dad on this earth physically. But he is here.
He is here in everything I do.

Still, sometimes I just wish I could hear his laugh one more time.


Niken said...

Kelley, i'm sorry for your lost. but i'm sure as sure as you are your dad's still with you. he lives in your heart forever

Tammy said...

I see him in the wonderful woman you are every time I'm with you!

Melinda Jo said...

I hear him when you are fired up, it makes me smile. You have his strength, love of life, your extremely strong work ethic and capacity to start every day new. He would be so so proud of the strong beautiful woman you have blossomed in to, love you baby girl. <3

sweet harvest moon said...

I'm so sorry for your lost. hugs & kisses