I'm On Top of the World


No. I'm not talking about the Imagine Dragons' song, although that song is freaking catchy and I want to have a never ending dance party to it. 
I'm talking about this amazing hike up Mt. Sentinel in Missoula. 
We literally road our bikes to the trail head, hiked to the top of the world (so maybe that's an exaggeration), and climbed back down the mountain while looking over this beautiful town of ours. 

Even if the hike didn't literally take me to the top of the world, it sure made me feel like I was there.

With that song playing in the background of course.


Melinda Jo said...

Colby! You're too darn cute.

Audrey @ An Aud Blog said...
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Audrey @ An Aud Blog said...

Looks like a great hike! Love that view :) Just wait, very soon it will be covered in snow.

Valentina Duracinsky said...

How lovely! lucky you..

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sweet harvest moon said...

Great view!!