It's Insanity


Something happened guys... I got all healthy.
I'm not really sure where this came from, whether it's the normal amount of sleep I'm getting, the free time, the lack of stress, but it just kind of happened.
I've been thinking about eating a more Paleo diet *disclaimer: Paleo is way too strict for me--I'm sorry but you'll take my wine away when you rip it out of my cold, dead fingers* but generally, Rion and I have seriously cleaned up our eating. And guess what? It feels good! I've never been a diet person, I can't deprive myself, I have too much of a "f@$! it" attitude, and I didn't want to compromise my life just to reach some sort of goal weight.
Now that Rion and I are eating clean, I still feel that way, but the food I eat (and enjoy) is really different. I'm actually cherishing and enjoying real food now, not craving ridiculous candy bars that are processed out the wazoo. I never wanted to compromise my happiness by giving up certain foods, but eating clean makes me WAY happier than I was before.

And then Insanity happened. 
One of my best friends did the 60-day Insanity workout, and her results were incredible! It's literally the most ridiculously hard workout you've ever done, and that's just what I wanted.
So today, I started my Insanity journey.
I'm loving these life changes.


Lauren said...

Did you take your before picture yet? I can't wait to try one of those videos with you!

Unknown said...

you'll have to let us know what you think of the program. I've heard wonderful things!

Kayla Guevara said...

I've nominated you for the Liebster Award in my blog. :-)

Valentina Duracinsky said...


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Unknown said...

good for you, darling!! i'm going to look into insanity more... i need it. toronto is NOT agreeing with me ;)