LOTM: Modeling and a Giveaway


Clearly I'm modeling here. 
I know, it should have been my career choice, but sadly it's too late.
But it's not too late for you to win one of these awesome WhoopTees. 
Don't you want to be strutting your stuff around town in one of these amazing Ladies of the Mountains shirts? Of course you do, how could you not?

Well, we've made it really easy for you with that thing below. So just do what it says and you might get a free WhoopTee, and won't that just make your day?

Well I'm off, because today is Rion and my 2nd anniversary and very soon I'll be on the beach drinking wine. So check out the modeling tactics of the other ladies, and enjoy the free t-shirt that could potentially be yours.

Meagan (sitting this one out)

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Elizabeth said...

loving your blog and that great tshirt!! i would love to be a lady of the mountains!

Amber said...

I just discovered your blog and I already love it!!
We have so many things in common!