Thinking Things


Some things are just thinking things, and sometimes, those are the best things. 
At times I find myself dreaming about where Rion and I will be in a few months-- North Carolina, Vermont, Colorado, Oregon? The space in between can be scary, but it can also be wholly invigorating. The time the lies between the need for a decision and an actual decision can be the most exciting time. 

It leaves time for dreaming.

Time for dreaming about what life could be like, will be like. 
It leaves time for adventure, even if that adventure doesn't go past the mind that thinks it up. 

This time is my time, my time to dream. 


Niken said...

i think you're right. that sometimes we need to take time to dream. just thinking about things

Kristin W said...

Keep dreaming friend!

Ps. I'm secretly hoping you make it to NC! It was a great transition for us from GA, and I love Raleigh more and more every day.

Unknown said...

Keep dreaming, and keep adventuring. You're on the cusp of greatness I can feel it.