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This fourth of July, it's time to understand the true meaning of barbeques. Fortunately, the LOTM are here to guide you through it so that this holiday can be the best one yet.

Barbeques stir up images of family games, good food, and can sometimes even have people you like. But let's talk about what barbeques are really meant for... making delicious drinks. 

It's the summertime, food is cooking on the grill, and let's be honest, it's freaking hot. Maybe it's just Georgia, but in order for me to enjoy eating hot food on a hot day in 100% humidity, I need a nice cold drink. 
Since you're going for a cold drink, why not add a little rum to it? Rum is summery, it's the summertime, so it makes total sense. Don't argue with my logic.

So while you're munching on that hotdog or hamburger, mix up an Herb and Berry Swizzle, because... why not? And be sure to bring these ingredients out when you're car camping, because, again, it's rum and it's summertime... enough said.

4/5 parts (40 ml) MALIBU
1/5 parts (10 ml) Havana Club Rum
2/5 (20 ml) lime juice
3 strawberries
4 basil leaves

Mix that delicious concoction up, serve it on crushed ice, and watch your barbeque become the best one you've ever had.

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