I Thought the Desert Would Be a Little More Deserty


I kid, I kid.
We had our fair share of desert out in Utah. Although it's really crazy how quickly the terrain can change--desert can turn into lush woodland very quickly.
This area was not exactly a lush woodland, but definitely woodland-ish. Great descriptors, I know. It's that recently acquired Bachelors in English. 
Either way, the longer we stayed in Utah, the more I found to love.


sweet harvest moon said...

Looks beautiful!

Shelby said...

yay!! Utah is my favorite. Living here you tend to take for granted how beautiful it truly is. I love reading posts of people visiting and loving it :) helps to remind me how truly spectacular it is!

etLeCygne said...

I'm an South-Easterner transplanted to Northern Utah for grad school. The best advise I've gotten about living out here so far was: "Don't let the trees fool you, it's still a desert."

What part of Utah did you visit???

Anonymous said...

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