Baden-Baden is nestled into Germany's Black Forest in Bavaria. 
Ever heard of the Grimm Brothers? Well most of their folk-tales came from this area, and when you're walking through this moss-covered forest it makes complete sense. I'm still pretty sure I saw Hansel and Gretel skipping through the forest. 
I have never seen a forest so green and at the same time so mysterious. Seriously, moss has attached itself to almost everything. I'm pretty sure if I had stood still long enough it would have grown on me.
The Black Forest is one place in Germany I would love to return to. I'm fairly confident I could build a little Bavarian house and live there forever.


Unknown said...

Looks like GA Hahaha Nice writing skill sis

Leila said...

beautiful, it definitely looks like the setting for a fairy tale

Melinda Jo said...

Love it, I want to go for a hike there!

LG said...

so beautiful! the stream/mossy trees picture especially, i think anyway. it almost looks fake. looks like your trip was amazing :)

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

Looks like my backyard in oregon :) beautiful!
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Amanda k. said...

Wow, looks so beautiful!