A Birthday Wish


I hope that you know even a portion of how much I love you.
You inspire me and you, through your actions, challenge me to be a better person.
Continually I am amazed by the love you pour out on Andy and me, and if I am at all like you (which I pray to God that I am) I hope that I will continue your legacy of love and grace when I become a mother.
 Just like God's light was unmistakeable in Dad when he was sick, it is so clearly unmistakeable in you.
You carry His light in your soul and it simply radiates through you.
I'm not sure that there is anything that I could do that would repay the love and sacrifice that you have shown us, and I know that you would say it is unnecessary.
So I hope that I can love you the way that you have loved me. 
An unconditional, life-changing love.
Happy Birthday Mom.


kayla said...

how beautiful, very heart felt :) happy birthday to your mom! xo

Unknown said...

What a great way to honor your mom! Happy birthday to her!

Melinda Jo said...

I have no words that can express how beautiful that Birthday wish is to me. I feel blessed and honored to have you Andy and Rion as my "little" family.
I love you baby girl.