LOTM: Winter Frolicking


Ladies of the Mountain unite!
 I think we should say that every time we post a blog. You know... for emphasis... and it would be totally cool. Right? Right.
Back to the topic... winter frolicking!! If you live in a place that gets snow in the winter time than you can have just as much fun in the winter as you do in the summer! Some of you summer people are probably already looking for the escape button, but I'm being fo real. Two words:

Nordic Skiing!

Or Cross-country skiing for all of you who don't want to use the fancy term. It's totally fancy.
Not sure how to go about this sport among sports? I've got 5 easy steps that will get you out and about in no time!
1. Get a real big skiing type of smile on your face. If you're not sure, use the above pictures as references. 
 2. Fly to Switzerland and find a cool little ski town in the Alps... or just go outside.
3. Recruit some friends so you can watch them fall and feel better about yourself. 
4. Ski to your heart's content.
5. Never forget that life can be so beautiful! And make fun of your friend that just fell.

There you have it folks! When your broke and down-hill skiing is just not an option, or you want to get a really good workout, get out and cross-country ski! Check out what Lena had to say about Nordic skiing in the Alps!

Still looking for awesome wintery activities? These ladies have some brilliant ideas!
and Katie(guest blogger)


Anonymous said...

My goodness it's beautiful there! It's awesome that you guys managed to get out and do a winter activity together... even if it was cross-country skiing. (I'm the girl you'd be laughing at. I fall every 10 feet on cross-country skis). ;)

Niken said...

i'm so jealous. it's so beautiful there!!!

Gentri said...

So beautiful!!! I'm sure your trip was just magical! This is amazing. I am so lame with my post today, that's what happens when life gets in the way of adventuring. :(

Lena said...

I will forever be thankful for that time you convinced me that nordic skiing (I'm fancy) is cool. Because, you know, it so is.

Bev said...

GORGEOUSSSSS!!! You guys make life look so adventurous and fearless! Thank you for sharing with us peeps that haven't discovered parts of the world you ladies have!

ANDDDD I am totes lovin' your new blog design!!! Super adorable ;)

The Egg said...

nordic skiing is tough work but so much fun
especially the end when you get hot chocolate

xo the egg out west.

sweet harvest moon said...

I would love to try cross country someday!

Lublyou said...

yay! More cross-country skiing! High five :-)

Saralyn said...

looks like a lot of fun! the snow is so pretty - great pics!



Anne588 said...

I want to go skiing...NOW!

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

this is increidble.

but i think i have pneumonia now.