Gettin' Fit.


Yea. I deserve that. 
Guys. You know when you go onto Pinterest and you stupidly click on the health and beauty tab? Two things will inevitably happen after you click that tab, 1. you automatically feel like a big old pile of flab, or 2. you nearly get sick over the anorexic images people are posting for motivation.
Can we have some balance here people?
Anyway... that's what I'm striving for here, a healthy balanced lifestyle. I've gained 15lbs since I've gotten married. Holy shiz girls that's crazy. So obviously balance is not a part of my lifestyle right now, but I'm ready to take it back. I'm ready to become active and healthy again, and ultimately I know that the lifestyle that comes with that is way better than some cheesecake. Although cheesecake is freaking delicious.


Sondra @abhaya said...

AH, I'm totally in the same boat! I definitely need to get back on the healthy bandwagon, too. The holidays make it so tough! xx

Anonymous said...

How about a run and then a piece of cheesecake?

Hopeful Journey said...

I also gained 15lbs pretty quickly after getting married. Cheesecake was one of my best friends too!So yummy. Once you decide to get rid of those 15Lbs (the good old gym membership)it will come off quickly.

The Adventurer said...

And you know what ISN'T delicious? Fat free cheesecake. Blehck.

I feel ya girl - I feel ya. I went Paleo a couple of weeks ago on the sole purpose of no longer feeling like crap. Holy bananas has it made me feel better. I also still drink beer, but whatever. Hahaha

Hannah at The Lemon Hive said...

I completely agree with you! It's crazy when you use Pinterest and all you see are anorexic images. It makes me so distressed, and I hate seeing it all on Pinterest. If you keep clicking through these images, it eventually turns into other self-harm images.

I put on so much weight when I got married. Little blobby lady here! :) I started googling YouTube videos for belly dancing - definitely an awesome fun way of dancing for your cheesecake!

:) Thanks for the post.