A Holy Brew


Fun fact about Germany- apparently the best place to get beer is at a monastery. 
I think that's proof enough that God loves beer.
One monastery in particular has been rated the best place to get beer. Where is this holy land of beer, you ask? Andechs, Germany, right outside of Munich. 
Forget about Oktoberfest, it's the Monks who really know how to party. 
But for real y'all. The beer was excellent. And the food? I'm pretty sure I almost died. I ate a pretzel bigger than my head. That's one of my criteria for a good time.
To top it all off, the holy-style pub was basically a scene out of The Lord of the Rings. If Gandalf walked in I wouldn't have been that surprised. I was in Heaven, and I think it goes without saying that Rion died and went to brewer-heaven. It was perfect.


Britta Marie said...

that pretzel is what i want for lunch. today.

Unknown said...

Um... I love both beer and pretzels.Let's be friends.Lol

kayla said...

Incredible! Not that it's any comparison to Germany, but we have a Holy Pub around these parts with the stained glass and cathedral ceilings, I always feel very LOTR-esque while there :) enjoy xo

Kristin W said...

SO TRUE. And Germany....I love Germany so much more than I ever thought I would. So cool.

Jazz said...

Monks definitely know how to party. Make the best beer.

Anonymous said...

these are wonderful.. enjoy the beer!!

Allie said...

oh my goshhhhh YUM.