Girls' Night


Stolen glasses on display. Naturally.
Harry the fish... you know like Prince Harry. Duh.
So one of my bestfriends currently lives in Manhattan. She actually moved into her teeny, tiny apartment (seriously it's small) during Hurricane Sandy. She cray-cray. Obviously, I had to go see it on my visit to NJ, and obviously it had to be a girls night out. Woop!
You know those friends that you can be a complete idiot with? I mean like kill a joke 20x over and still be laughing at it together? Yup. These are those friends. Mary Kate and Brittany have been with me through everything and even though we rarely get to see each other, it feels like we've never been apart.

Oh. And they introduced me to the Tootsie Roll. No... not the candy. I'm not that sheltered. It's that drink in that last picture. Mix Kahlua and orange juice together and I promise you it will taste exactly like a tootsie roll.

 Boom! You're life will never be the same.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! And a Tootsie Roll mmm I'm going to try that out, always love a drink recipe. My favourite is Cotton Candy mix root beer and butterscotch snaps! Tastes exactly like root beer.

Summer x

Melissa said...

I love those kinds of friends!! I think I've taken shots of this Tootsie Roll drink, but not a full drink..seems ambitious! yum! ha :)

The Adventurer said...

A. You're pretty - totes.
B. That drink makes me nervous.
C. But knowing you its prolly awesome.

Sybil said...

didn't know abt that tootsie roll drink!! cool! :D
thanks for sharing these photos!! :D

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Shelby said...

Gah! I know those types of friends for sure. Funny thing is my friend that is like that lives in NY as well! Craziness. If I wasn't so poor I would go visit her. Until then it will be Snapchat and text messages!

Bev said...

kahlua and oj huh?? i have never tried it... usually always pair my kahlua with milk... but if you say it tastes like a tootsie roll... i must give it a shot!!

glad you got some good fun time with your gooooorls!