LOTM: Favorite Hiking Item


Ladies of the Mountain represent.
We're back! I know you guys can't contain your excitement, but seriously... have some self-control.

Today, we are all going to blow your minds by sharing our favorite hiking item. It was pretty hard to choose guys. I stood there staring at my outdoor equipment for a good, long while. But in the end, I had to concede that my favorite item of all is this baby!

The Leatherman is basically the iPhone of knives. Anything you need... it has an app for that, or at least a tool. Seriously, I have a saw. A saw guys. I could cut down a tree if I wanted. It might take a year but I could totally do it. 

My motto in life is you never know when you'll need your pocketknife. Seriously, it is. That's why I carry it in my wallet. Yup, I'm one of those people. I carry money, lipstick, and my pocketknife. The essentials. That is why my pocketknife is not only my favorite hiking item, but my favorite item of all time. Thank you Leatherman for being totally and completely awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Great pick! I was wondering if everyone was going to do some super stylish hiking post where they talked about their favourite hiking boots or socks or something... but I'm glad to see you didn't go that route. (I didn't either!!) :)

Gentri said...

I totally need a pocket knife. Why don't I have one, again? I ask myself this often.

Bev said...

this pocket knife is like the jack of all trades of pocket knives!! a saw?!?! SOLD

The Egg said...

this is something i NEED to invest in

xo the egg out west.

Lublyou said...

hahah I love your motto! That's so true! And this knife looks fantastic - just everything in one piece!

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

The iphones of knives? so funny.

I have no business using either.

sweet harvest moon said...

I always carry my Swiss army knive with my on hikes, can't go without it!

The Adventurer said...

You are like a mountainerring ball of awesome. I'm not 100% sure what that is but I am 100% sure that its real good.

Magical Daydream said...

Haha I can see how that is necessary. Now I kind of want one myself too, even though I wouldn't have direct use for it ;)