Real Talk


It's time for real talk ladies. 
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Really, how could it not be? It involves a comatose amount of candy. However there is a recent Halloween tradition that seriously irks me. 

The "sexy" halloween costume. 

Basically you can take anything, add the word sexy, shed a lot of clothes, and that is your costume. I have actually seen a sexy watermelon before... fo real. A sexy watermelon? C'mon girls. It's no different this Halloween as my Facebook news-feed explodes with basically naked girls in their Halloween "costumes."

What I would like to see is women representing with their minds and not with their bodies. I would like to see more creatively thought out costumes that legitimately make me laugh. I would like to see women portraying themselves as smart, educated women like I know they are. I would like to see more girls respecting themselves instead of falling into the peer pressure that is aimed at filling this role as a sex object. You are more than that. Believe it.

That is my designated rant for the year.


stefanie hurtado said...

ahhh, AMEN!

go you for posting this.

Unknown said...


Meghan said...


I was going to write a very similar post.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear, my friend. I am so totally with you on this one! I'm not even looking at photos on Facebook for that very reason. I can't deal.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm going as a fully-clothed lawn gnome. :)

Happy Halloween. xx

Bev said...

lmaoooo so very true!! sexy anything has been the happs for years now! but a sexy watermelon?? i think that may have killed my desire for watermelon if I saw that in person.

it's like you're the wierd-OH if you wear a mask that covers your face... or costume that covers your skin... WOMP

Rhubarbarians said...

ha! Totally with you on this one. I just about barfed when I saw "sexy hamburger." sheesh.

The Adventurer said...

Yes yes yes 1,000,000,000 times yes. You tell em girl!