I Had Fun


June 4, 2012
Happy fourth of July people. Since I didn't give this post much forethought I won't be writing about the fourth of July. My mom is here so that means I'm going to throw a bunch of pictures at you, ramble real quick, and then get back to some quality time.

So... let me tell you about a time that I had fun.
Yes I'm friends with Pocahontas. 
 So there was this time that I went on a hike with some pretty awesome people.
Lena had some difficulty getting down the mountain. I pointed and laughed because that's what she did when I nearly sh@! my pants climbing up the Eiffel tower. But really she didn't deserve it because she had done a CrossFit class that morning. Which makes her crazy. Crazy!
 I couldn't pass up the opportunity of sharing some bugs having sex on a flower. *I hope I get Google searches for that* Dirty, dirty bugs.
Hiking is bliss- my soul needs it. And this particular hike is like some kind of retreat to me. Can you see why? Yea... I think you can. So it was only made better by some pretty cool people. Oh the days of summer!


Bret said...

It looks perfect. The picture of your feet is great!
xo bhrett

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

of course i can see why!! bugs were having sex on flowers!

oh, those white blazes. i followed those suckers for 6 friggin months.
i loved them and hated them in one fell swoop.

Unknown said...

Your photos are amazing..and your blog too!! :) I follow you now with google friend connect! Hope you'll do the same! I wait for you in my blog! Kisses!


Allie said...

a hike sounds like exactly what i need!! so beautiful

The Adventurer said...

I want to live by you. And hike with you. And tell Lena she is NUTS for doing Crossfit. NUTS I TELL YOU.

Jessie said...

Hiking is the BEST. :)

Lena said...

Thanks for this. Payback has been received.. except I have yet to post that video of you freaking out on the Eiffel Tower on the intranets. Hmmmmm. blog post idea. Wut?


bridget anne said...

that fresh fruit looks real good. and a blissful hike? we all need that now & then.