Bug of Death


Monday, July 23
Guys. You want to see something that would only appear in your nightmares? 
You know those nightmares that you're like, what the f*@#! is happening here, but it's still pretty scary. Ya know... one of those nightmares.
Well, I'm pretty sure this winged bug of death will fit perfectly in those nightmares.
Am I right?
We get a lot of bugs that like to visit our house at night. A LOT. We live in an A-frame and basically the whole front of the house is windows. Windows+light+Georgia summers= lots of nasty looking bugs. But this was the strangest. I mean, do you see his ears??
I saw it on our window and at first I thought it was really cool and so took a picture. *You're welcome* But then it's buggy eyes were staring at me and its buggy legs were pointing at me, and I kind of felt like it was trying to hypnotize me or put me in a trance. Evil, demon bug. 

But for real, picture that thing multiplied by 20 and soaring over your town. I'm pretty sure you'd crap your pants.


Bev said...


Unknown said...

I think it looks awesome!!! I have three brothers though, so I think that explains why I'm intrigued by bugs :P

Although, if I look properly at the photos, the idea of it staring me does freak me out a little...

The Wildest of Dreams

April said...

Bugs against the window are the worst. I always feel like they're staring at me!

Stephanie said...

Ahh it really does look like it has ears in the first picture! How creepy! :/

Unknown said...

I seriously cannot do bugs. real sick like.

Unknown said...

Oh he's so pretty! And I think I like his ears ha : )

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