No Really... It's Good.


June 27, 2012
Don't judge.
So because our life is so exciting I did a Google search on the best movies to watch on Netflix. Let me tell you, there are some seriously random movies on Netflix but nothing tops this. Nothing. Want to know something else? I. Loved.It.
This is a Norwegian film about (you guessed it) a troll hunter. As Rion described it, it's like Blair Witch Project meets...trolls. As you can tell, I'm very serious in my taste of movies. This whole movie is in Norwegian. I didn't even notice it. I was too distracted by trolls.
Can I tell you something else without you judging me? Let's face it, you are definitely judging me by now. I watched it two nights in a row. No shame.


shakti said...

I saw that in our recently watched list on Netflix and shot my husband a "really?" look and he said the exact same thing. He really liked it and wants me to watch it!
I asked him is it was a bunch of tall blondes running around doing the slaying. His reply: "No, they looked more like your dad." That made me laugh.

LG said...

hah! might have to try this one tonight!

Anonymous said...

hahaha omg ive actually seen tge cover of that when flupping through movies im watching it tonight now!


ShyScout said...

Tehehe. Oh my gosh. I need to figure out my dads password for netflix so I can watch this.

Laura Rafferty said...

Wow. Now I just need Netflix! New follower of your very cute blog! :)

Anna said...

oh my gosh STOP IT. I literally JUST watched this trailer on On Demand this past weekend. And i almost died laughing. I am so proud of you for watching the whole thing. Just amazing :)

The Adventurer said...

Um, I am watching this, like TONIGHT. I'll report back.

I need to perhaps text you during this. Make that happen ok?