June 25, 2012
You can't say no to that face. Okay, well maybe you can, but you can't say no to that old man photo-bombing my picture. Old man-1 Kelley-0. 

Want to know what you can't say no to? Sponsoring my bliggity blog. You know you want to. You are thinking- oh gosh my button would look good over there on that sidebar. You're right, it would look good. Now that we've got that settled, I've still got a bunch of small ads. So hit me up. Still not sure? Check out my sponsor page

Thanks for putting up with me.


Unknown said...

hahaha your hilarious.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

If I sponsored I would.

that old man is a creeper.. glad he's in your photo and not mine.

Brooklyn said...

photo bomb, hahahaha!

Allie said...

hahaha you are the cutest

Ana said...

Hi!! I've just tagged you for a Liebster Award in my blog!


Unknown said...

I love you.