A Good Day


May 21, 2012
See that awesome girl on the left? Well she's one of my most favorite people on this planet. Really, she's awesome. So that makes today a good day for me. Why is that, you ask. Because I am guest posting on her bloggy blog today, that's why! She wandered up the East coast to go see family, so I'm filling in for her today. And I'm pumped. Can you tell?
I know that I've been guest posting a lot lately so I promise that for the rest of this week, I will blog. It will be me. That is the promise that I make to you blog friends. 
But for now, head on over to her blog and find out 5 things you didn't know about me.


twiggy@thedirtlife said...

went there....i loved that you river guide.

i have 2 very good friends who met on the river, fell in love on the river, got engaged on the river and literally concieved their 1st on the river.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

I wasn't going to comment.. because I already spit too many thoughts over on Lena's however..

I just feel the need as Twigg's best friend to apologize for her telling you about conceiving a baby on the river. gross. I already knew, but still

bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

that is so awesome that you've been guiding rivers since 8. i've always wanted to go rafting. i guess i'm more of a winter sport kind of girl. i was supposed to get my PADI at 11 too. Coincidentally I became deathly afraid of the ocean the day before and haven't since scuba dived :) Great post!

Megan said...

How fun - headed to check it out :)

Britta Marie said...

i'm originally from new jersey too! AND one of those people who insists on convincing people that new jersey is not a dump .. we can keep trying, right?

Anna said...

hellooo!! Found your blog through Musings and i LOVE IT! So cute. Can't wait to read more!



The Adventurer said...

You are a posting machine. A machine I tell you!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

nice form. she is awesome. off to see awesome form girl.

Unknown said...

Nothing wrong with doing a lot of guest blogging! It's fun! Just like the above picture! :)

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