Ain't No Party Like a Spurlock Party


May 16, 2012
Seriously though. Next time you should be there. Rion had a brew club meeting at our house, in case you want to know the club is called the North Georgia Mountain Mashers. Bad A to the max. We brewed, ate, drank, and brewed some more. All in all, it was definitely a beer worthy day.
Lauren (picture #2 friend) and I found a dilemma when we had hot dogs but no grill. Big problem guys. You know how I like my food. So, we let our mountain women come out and built a fire, carved some sticks, and roasted some weenies. *hehe* If there is an Apocalypse/zombie invasion and there just happens to be a lot of hot dogs, you'll definitely want us to be around. 
Want to know what kind of animal doesn't want us around though? Toads. Because we definitely burnt one. See that little guy in the picture above? Well, about a half hour after we made our fire he came hopping out of the ashes! A phoenix toad! You didn't know they existed did you? Neither did we. We keep it exciting at the Spurlock house!
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Unknown said...

i love your blog kelley :) following!

i also love your party! i wish i could have been there. i took my girlfriends camping last year and there's nothing better than choppin wood with your bitches, building fires, drinking beer, and mowin down on hot dogs and chips. it's a great feeling :)

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Ohh your camping party looks like such fun! <3

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Unknown said...

Love camping, but I haven't been in too long! Looks like so much fun.

Bev said...

wowsers you guys really did cook those hot dogs camp fire style! like some true campers ;) looks fun!!

Jazz said...

My kind of party.