Weekends That Make Memories


April 16, 2012
 Four words people: Classic City Brew Fest! What is that you ask? It is a festival with over 365 different beers for people to taste. The festival lasts 4 hours... people get a little crazy. Seriously though, that's one different beer for every day of the year!
 The tickets for this magical day filled with brews were quite pricey. But that didn't stop Rion and I-- we volunteered! That meant that we poured a certain brewery's delicious beers all day long! 

We had the Brunehaut Brewery which is based out of Belgium. They offered one of the only gluten-free beers at the festival, and apparently it's one of the best in the world. We received many surprised faces after people tasted it and determined that it was, in fact, beer and it tasted good!

 Brunehaut also makes a line of beers called St. Martin. The recipe for the St. Martins was given to Brunehaut by monks from the Saint Martin Abby, established in 1096. Basically what I'm trying to say through this history lesson is that this recipe could be almost 1000 years old.
 After the festival was over there was a volunteer party with pizza and all the left over beers. Can you say heaven? They even let you build a six pack from all the beers and take it home. All of the rooms were packed with people and beer. The party went from 6-8. The above picture was at 6 and the one below it was at 8. And this was only a small section of the entire party. People seriously cleared all of the beer out! You do not mess with beer enthusiasts!
 Of course we got our fair share... and maybe a little more. Rion and I collected some of the leftover bottles from the festival to use for home brewing. The bottles pictured above are Belgium bottles and are very expensive. Am I geeking you out yet?
 At the end of the day we were both exhausted, but incredibly happy. The whole drive home was filled with talks and dreams about our brewery. Yay beer!


The Adventurer said...

Yes. And yes. AND YES. This looks like the greatest days of them all. I also wish I could have been there. Please tell me that next year YOU AND RION will be letting patrons sip on your homebrews. Because you know, that would be awesome.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

The sad part about this for me is, I drink 4 beers and I am toast! But it would be fun. I love beer fests!

Emily said...

this is amazing, so jealous! microbrews are my fav! lucky for the volunteers, what a deal :)

Bev said...

What a blast that sounds like!! All types of beer, food, and friends! HELLLLO!!

How lucky you are to pack up a 6-pack!!

Found you on Michelle's blog at On the Adventure... love your adventurous blogs I've been reading through!

Happy Tuesday :)

Megan said...

Mmm beer! I am so jealous of the volunteer after-party, creating your own 6 pack and eating pizza?! Awesome! Sounds like it was a fun time :)

Unknown said...

Your weekend looks amazing! A friend of Ryan and mine does a lot of home brewing and it's delicious. We're always learning new things from his mastery. I'd love to hear more about your home brewing experiences.

Jazz said...

Yahoo! I love beer/brewfests! My roommate being a brewer I luckily get to go to my fair share. Such fun.