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April 11, 2012

First of all, thank you for putting up with my absence. I stayed up all Monday night, and then completely died on Tuesday. I mean that almost literally. Rion tried to wake me up and he said I looked crazy so he left me alone. I imagine a lot of drooling... Anyway, can I please tell you about my weekend. I hope you are saying yes right now because you don't really have a choice.
Get ready for a picture overload (you know you love it)!
 The visit started out with me crammed in the back of my mom's itty bitty car with 3 large dogs headed to the mountains! And I LOVED it! Any visit in our family must include a hike-- there are no exceptions.

 Skip to a fabulous dinner at the Oar House. Say it out loud. I know how it sounds but their food makes me want to engorge myself. Sounds gross? It is. Plus they have these little homemade garlic bread bites (oh what I would do if calories didn't exist).
 Welcome Easter! Quick note: I do not like to use this blog as an evangelist platform, and I completely respect if your beliefs do not align with mine. However, it gives me such joy to know that God loves me, even though I totally suck (which I do) and I always do everything wrong, he loves me enough to die for me. Now we can have a relationship completely based on love! How cool is that?-- Said quick note is over.
 One word-- Buffet. Yes people, my mom treated us to an Easter buffet at a local winery! I get really excited about food, can you tell? If you're looking at that food and saying, Kelley that food does not look healthy! Well, it wasn't and I stuffed my face!
 Rion and I hardly ever get cute coupley pictures, so I'm subjecting you to them now. Look at them!
The entire visit was filled with joy and family love. Please do not die from the cheesiness of that last sentence. But I still mean it. Visits with my mom are always too short, and I really got to know her boyfriend Scott. I'm a fan. Apparently we know how to pick our men!
The visit ended with Rion and his friend jamming via fiddle and guitar. Bliss.


Mae said...

This looks like an AMAZING weekend!!! I'm now craving a hike and garlic bread :)

Ly said...

YOu look like you had an amazing weekend! I don't ever get couply pictures either...mostly just awkward ones haha.


Elisha said...

those mountains are soooo beautiful!! and gee, thanks. looking at the picture of your food.. now IM drooling!!

cuuutteee couple pictures you two got!! (:

The Adventurer said...

My favorite part of this post, aside from you know, all of it, was "Look at them!". Hahaha in my head I can imagine you saying that and I kind of love it. Also, I kind of love this whole post. And your Etsy dress. And food.

The end.

Danie at Pasadya said...

Are you howling with your dog in the first photo? Because I howl with mine all the time... :)

Looks like such a gorgeous weekend! And that food. Oh man. So glad I already ate!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time. And that food looks so good, it has actually made me super hungry!

Jazz said...

Check out that view at the Oar House, right on the water. So pretty!

Danielle said...

Love your blog! Looks like an amazing weekend. I'm your newest follower!