Things That Make Me Happy


March 12, 2012




1. Lattes: any kind/any flavor- I will be in heaven!
2. Mountains: living at the beach for two years reminded me how much I really love the mountains!
3. Music: I really think music can be a form of healing; it has gotten me through so much.
4. Road trips- I'm on one right now, and I'm happy!

These wonderful little things make me happy. What also makes me happy is you guys! Thanks for being understanding about my blog posts while I'm on vacation. You guys rock!


Unknown said...

Hope you have a blast while you're away. I'm due for a road trip VERY soon. I mean, it needs me too, right? Its mutual. Me and road trips love each other. And I miss you. I'll drink a latte and pretend that you're there! EEP have fun lady : ) said...

I love all these things! The mountains are so magical. And roadtrips really are the best!

Happy Monday!


The Adventurer said...

Ohhhh yeah, friend! I understand completely, as long as you take lots of pictures and post them later. Deal!?