I Could Be a Storm Chaser


March 3, 2012

Okay... so maybe I couldn't but so what! I still love storms! I get a little crazy when that first round of thunder claps- picture me jumping up and down and screaming with delight (I wasn't kidding about the crazy thing). 
Well, last night a cloud of death rolled over our little town! Fortunately we didn't suffer any damage from the passing tornadoes, we just had a good show. Rain, lightening, hail- it was amazing! Not only did we have a tornado watch but we might as well have had a flash flood warning too. If somebody had built an ark I would have jumped on it. You want proof? Above is a picture of a quaint little stream that runs through our front yard. 
This is the raging class VI river that it turned into (so I exaggerate). But seriously, I wanted to get my kayak and take it for a ride, unfortunately it was midnight and I had to work at 8:00am. The current was unbelievable, you would not have been able to stand in it without getting washed away. Translation- it was AWESOME! We could hear it roaring all the way from the house!
It couldn't last though, and today our little creek was back to normal. Maybe we'll get another storm like that soon (minus the whole tornado thing) and I can go for a ride!


Lena said...

I'm just pretty impressed that you went outside in the middle of cloud of death releasing its wrath on little Dahlonega to take a picture. That's why you're mah best friend.. because I probably would have done the exact same thing if a class VI river appeared in my front yerd [I meant to say yard, but for some reason I cracked up at this spelling mistake..I can kind of picture one of Dahlonega's treasured nuggets pronouncing it as I spelled it].

Unknown said...

Oh wow that's incredible. I used to be terrified of bad weather but now I freakin love it. You could totally be a storm chaser : )

Gentri said...

haha! I have a feeling that wouldn't be the safest thing to do... haha! But I love storms too! So fun!

Mary Hone said...

Wow, amazing. I think maybe I would have just ducked inside and stayed there.

Unknown said...

PS my 7x7 post will be up on Monday : ) Thanks again Kelley!!

The Adventurer said...

Stop it. This is in YOUR front yard? My heart is so jealous!!

PS. I would have done the exact. same. thing. Kayak and all :)