A Great Adventure


March 19, 2012

And so the trip has come to an end. Many of you know, but for those who don't, Lena from Musings and I, along with our hubbys and friends, went on a road trip of epic proportions. In ten days we covered a very large portion of America in a van filled with friends. Sounds amazing right? Well it was. After mourning the end of our trip Lena and I decided to tag team blog posts about our trip- that way you guys don't have to read things twice (we're nice like that).
Above is Clifford/Schmiffy/Schmif. He was our reliable transportation, and he was as good as any car could be. Actually, that's a lie he was better! There was so much room in Schmiffy that you could fit 9 people comfortably! There was a bench seat that turned into a bed (bowchicawow-wow) and a tv bigger than the one I have at home. Needless to say we road in style- thanks to an incredibly generous benefactor!
 First stop on our tour of America was the gateway to the west. Rion decided to drive from North Georgia all the way to St. Louis over night (he's a champ). So, we were able to see the Arch as the sun rose. Yea, my husband rocks.
 We were all ready to take the elevator to the top of the arch when we discovered that we had to take the tour as well. Wait, what? That meant that we would have had to wait an hour to get on a tour and then take an hour-long tour. Not cool St. Louis. Obviously that did not work with our road trip time constraints so we headed out. We did get to see this cool bear at their Museum of Westward Expansion though. So I say that makes it a win. 
This was destined to be our future for the next two(ish) days. I have never seen anything that flat! Kansas was a little painful (sorry to those native to Kansas). There was a lot of music, snacks, and dancing so I guess we made the best of it. We were also able to meet up with one of Rion's good friends in Salina, KS. 
Lena got a little bored half-way through Kansas and decided to play with my camera! Little did she know that I would use one of her pictures! Love you girl!


Gentri said...

Haha! Love you guys! So excited to read the other posts!

Unknown said...

MAN Kansas IS really flat. I found Oklahoma to be a little flat too. And windy. Can't wait to see the rest of these posts!!!

Love that picture of Lena, too : )

Lena said...

Notice all the flatness happening outside the window as I photographed myself...death!

The Adventurer said...

Woohoo, I am so happy you're back! PS. I had a similar experience in Oklahoma, too! I think I consumed an entire bag of gummy lifesavers just to keep my sanity. Which, in reality, really isn't all that bad!

Unknown said...

Ha!! No never a bad thing when gummy lifesavers are involved!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Gummysavers. Girl believe me, I think we consumed our weight in candy!