Adventures: Glenwood Springs


March 21, 2012
 Most of our time in Colorado we were based out of a little town called Glenwood Springs. Never heard of it? Go look it up... it's awesome! During that time much snow frolicking occurred: snowball fighting, snow hiking, and cross-country skiing.
 Rion and I had both been cross-country skiing before, but no one else in our group had. So when I suggested it I got the looks that people give when they aren't really excited about something but are trying to be polite. Picture a grimace and yes I ignored it.
 By the end of it the group had been converted to cross-country skiers (definite success). There was much falling on faces/butts/anything which obviously equals laughing and a good time. A couple people from our group actually took their skis off and slid down a long hill. Picture two men sitting on tiny skis whizzing past you- hilarious!
 The day was made even better because Rion's dad, who lives out in Utah, was able to come join us for a couple days. He's a bad-A and completely kicked all of our butts at cross-country skiing! I'm willing to admit when I've been shown up by a 40 year old.
We all skied out to this little shack which used to be a post office. Yes, I said post office. Apparently the path we were skiing on used to be an old road, but that place is still out in the middle of nowhere! I feel like it might take a little more than 3-5 days to get your mail.
After we were all skied out we hopped on over to some hot springs. If you look in the picture above you can see a little pool of water right next to the river. That is the hot spring, and it is God's gift to people (at least cold people). It was a little too crowded so we went and got dinner at a brewery downtown. We came back later that night for a midnight swim and it was incredible. To catch a glimpse of the stars that night go here!


Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

Did your legs feel like they were going ot fall off the next day? I bet they did.

A midnight swim in a hot spring would be pretty epic.

Still can't believe I wasn't invited.

Gentri said...

Whyyyyyyyyy wasn't I there for this entire trip?! Seriously. Too. Much. Fun!

The Adventurer said...

OB.SESSED. I am seriously loving all of these posts. And basically living your adventure via computer. It's awesome. You're awesome. Win.